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Warranty Products are Available at Lapin Motor Co.!

Service and repairs can be stressful and costly, especially in dealing with high-performance sports vehicles. That is why here at Lapin Motor Co., we have spent a lot of time researching the different warranty products to provide the best service coverage on sports/performance vehicles. Our warranty options range from factory powertrain coverage to full bumper-to-bumper warranties, anti-theft protection, and other products and services.

If you would like to know more about our vehicle warranty plans, contact our F & I (finance & insurance) department for more detailed information.

Do I Need an Extended Car Warranty?

A common question we hear at Lapin Motor Co. is, “Do I need an extended vehicle warranty?” The answer to this question depends on a few factors. Extended warranties are designed to reduce financial stress if an unexpected issue arises with your vehicle. It is important to factor in how long you plan to keep your car. If you plan on owning it for quite some time, an extended car warranty is highly recommended.

Below, you will find a few advantages of opting for extended vehicle warranty plans.

  • You can save quite a bit of money when costly repairs pop up.
  • You can drive with complete peace of mind.
  • Some extended car warranty plans include perks like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and more.
  • A car that is protected by an extended vehicle warranty has a better resale value, as these vehicle warranty plans can usually be transferred to the next owner for a small fee.

Contact Lapin Motor Co. for More Information

If you still have questions about your options for vehicle warranty plans, do not hesitate to contact the automotive experts at Lapin Motor Co.. We would be more than happy to discuss your options.


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