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Subaru AWD Models for Sale Near Portland

Black 2022 Subaru Ascent driving in city

We deal with some harsh weather conditions around Portland. It’s no wonder, then, that Subaru AWD models are so popular with local drivers. The increased traction, balance, and control Subaru all-wheel drive vehicles deliver on even the roughest of roads provide a peace of mind and confidence that are unmatched. But you may be asking yourself, “Which Subaru models have all-wheel drive? Are all Subarus AWD?” Let’s take a closer look.

Which Subaru Models are AWD?

Are all Subarus AWD? You’ll be pleased to know that every single Subaru model, except for the BRZ, comes standard with Subaru’s own Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Here is a list of the current lineup of Subaru AWD models, any one of them being well-suited for taking on even the harshest of road conditions around :

Subaru AWD Models

What is Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive?

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, which comes standard on all Subaru AWD models, is designed to optimize not just traction, but balance, as well. That is a significant advantage over most all-wheel drivetrains, which are limited in design to focus merely on traction. How does this system accomplish this? Because the drivetrain is lined up right down the center of the vehicle, it can distribute power optimally to both sides, providing for more stability as you take on our Scottsdale, AZ roads.

The Advantages of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

Is the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive really that much better than conventional all-wheel drivetrains you might find in other makes of vehicles? Yes! Here are some of the advantages Subaru AWD vehicles have over other AWD automobiles:

  • Pre-emptive control – Symmetrical AWD provides balance and traction at all times, preventing slippage, instead of reacting to it, as other AWD systems do.
  • Maximum traction and acceleration – Power is sent to all wheels simultaneously.
  • Superior efficiency – The Symmetrical is mounted in line with the engine, increasing power distribution efficiency.
  • Enhanced stability – The balance provided by this system prevents oversteering or understeering.
  • Exceptional safety – When the balance, control, and stability of the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system are combined with the advanced Subaru safety features, like Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Vehicle Dynamics Control, you are in for one safe Vancouver, WA commute. 

Check Out the Subaru AWD Models at Lapin Motor Co.

Have you decided which Subaru AWD model you want to take home? Why not test drive the quality pre-owned Subaru vehicles at our dealerships? You can get started right now by applying for financing online. We want to help you get behind the wheel of your next vehicle. So, drop by or contact us today!


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